Iron Man

Hello everyone! Before I get started with my nails I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to my little girl Andraia (Andi). She’s 3 today, I can barely believe it!


Now who’s seen the new Avengers movie? My husband and I saw it on the 1st and really liked it. I still think the first Avengers was a little better but all the Marvel movies are awesome. Iron Man has probably always been my favorite Avenger, Robert Downey Jr is absolutely perfect for that roll and just makes me love Iron Man even more. So I decided to do some Iron Man nail art the other day.


On my middle finger and thumb I did 3 coats of The Mechanic by Marbles For Polish. On my pinkie I used just one coat of Zoya Alix. For my index and ring fingers I started with a base of Zoya Brooklyn and topped it with Kerry. For the details on my ring finger I painted on Alix, Willa, and Purity with a thin nail art brush. I top coated everything and there you have it!


Who is your favorite Avenger if you’re into the movies and/or comics? Would you like to see me try to represent more Marvel characters? I’ve been meaning to do Spiderman nail art lately, maybe that one will be next.

Matte Velvet Stripes

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I’ve got a mani that I’m super proud of today! It’s very simple, but it took quite a while compared to others I’ve done and I’m really glad the pictures came out awesome too. I used all Zoya Matte Velvets for this one. I started with a base of two coats of Harlow on all fingers except my ring which was three coats of Loredana. Since I wasn’t using a top coat I had to wait a little while to make sure the base colors were completely dry. I then put down striping tape and did Loredana over my middle finger and Posh over all the others. At first I though maybe I should have used Savita (purple) instead of Harlow or that maybe Dovima (black) would have been better than Loredana. But overall I really like how it turned out, and there’s always next time to try other color combinations!



Sherbet Skittles

Hey guys! I’ve got a super fun mani for you today. I subscribe to the Julep monthly maven box; and sometimes the colors aren’t that exciting for me, but this month was awesome! The colors I got in my box this month were Saaya, a soft bright orange, and Laree, a bright pink. They both have a gorgeous golden orange shimmer to them as well. When I saw them in person they reminded me very much of orange and watermelon sherbet. They also went perfectly with a crelly and glitter topper that I made recently. I had actually been planning on making colors very similar to the Julep polishes I got, so I just decided to do the mani I was planning with them instead.


IMG_8117a IMG_8109a

My pointer and pinkie have 3 coats of my crelly polish, My thumb is 2 coats of Laree with my glitter topper, my middle is 3 coats of Saaya with the glitter topper, and my ring finger is Laree and Saaya striped with striping tape. I haven’t had this much fun doing a mani in a while because of how busy I’ve been. I love how summery this mani is and how well the polishes go together. I may still put out colors similar to Saaya and Laree along with the crelly and glitter topper as a set. Look out for that (or at least the two I’ve already made) within the next few months at my shop. And you can subscribe to Julep HERE.