Mars & Key Lime Pie Water Marble

It feels like it’s been way too long since I’ve done a water marble, but when I saw Mars and Key Lime Pie sitting next to each other I just had to do one! Mars is the March birthstone polish this year and Key Lime Pie is from my Just Desserts collection which is available in sets for pre-order right now. I did 3 thinner coats of Mars and then marbles with both polishes and used a top coat. I absolutely love the glitter jelly and creme combo and I always lean towards cool tones on myself. I might have to try doing more water marbles like this soon, though I’d also like to try a full rainbow with some of my new collections too. You can find both of these polishes in my shop and look out for more coming soon!

IMG_2026a IMG_2042a


Just Dessert Collection

Hey everybody! If you haven’t seen yet, I have pre-orders up for my spring cremes. This collection is called Just Desserts and includes six pastel creme polishes. I will have the pre-orders up until March 29th as full sized and mini sets at a discounted price. After that they will be in the shop in full sized bottles only at $9 each. You can head over to my etsy to purchase them.


Strawberry Parfait


Orange Creamsicle


Pineapple Cheesecake


Key Lime Pie


Blueberry Buckle


Lavender Macaron


Holographic Glitter Gradient

Hey everybody! I’m so excited that it’s starting to warm up here again. This means the sun will be out more and I can start wearing more holos again! I’ve also been grabbing more drug store brand polishes lately. This mani uses a base of Revlon Sultry with a glitter gradient of Holographic Pearls.

IMG_1627a IMG_1611a

IMG_1605a IMG_1596a

¬†Holographic Pearls is similar to China Glaze Fairy Dust but the glitter is bigger and there’s more of it in the base. You can use it as a glitter topper or get full coverage pretty easily and wear it on it’s own. Sultry looks very blue in my photos but it has a strong purple shimmer in it that looks beautiful in different lighting.

What are your thoughts on drug store polishes? I think some of them are really good, even some of the cheaper ones. I’d also love to know what your favorite season for polishes are? I’m definitely fond of the warmer sunny weather for bright colors and holos but I also like the jewel tones that come out when it gets cooler.

Earthy Nails

Hi everyone! I’ve got one of my much loved gradients with flakies for you. This time I wanted to go for something earthy since I’ve already done the Magma and Glacier nails. I started with a base of Zoya Tasha and then sponged on Louise, Josie, and Robyn. I topped it with Fresh Paint Sugar Crush and top coat.

IMG_1567a IMG_1578a


I don’t dislike this gradient but it doesn’t really feel cohesive with the other two. I may end up re-doing an earthy one later down the line. I’m thinking a bright summery one would be good in a few months too.

Red & Blue Dry Marble 2

Silly me almost forgot to post something today! I’ve got another dry marble for you today using Sinful Colors Love Nails and China Glaze Heart of Africa. My friend helped me pick the colors and I think they came out really cool together. Heart of Africa blends in on some spots to make an interesting color but where it is more dense you can really see how gorgeous the red is. I’m actually wearing Heart of Africa on it’s own right now and got some great compliments. And Love nails is a beautiful blue on it’s own. I used it as the base color for this mani and almost didn’t want to mess with it. I love how easy dry marbles are but they look like it took so much longer to do. I think next one I do will be with at least 3 colors.

IMG_1529a IMG_1541a


Valentines Mani

Hey everybody! Valentines Day is this week, and if you’re still searching for a fun mani I’ve got one for you! This one is much better than what I did last year in the way of hearts. I used all Sinful Colors polishes for this mani, and I wanted to go for girly without doing all pinks/reds. I started with bases of Purple Gleam, 24/7, and Treasure Chest. On my thumb I did one coat of top coat and then added a little heart with 24/7. To do the heart I placed two dots next to each other with a dotting tool and then connected them at the bottom. You need a decent amount of polish on the dots and you need to work pretty fast so the polish doesn’t get too goopy. On my ring finger I used striping tape and painted over Purple Gleam with Treasure chest. I used the same technique to do a larger heart after doing one layer of top coat. I then top coated the entire mani, doing two coats over the two fingers that had Treasure Chest alone since that and Purple Gleam are textured.

IMG_1645a IMG_1654a


So how do you guys like my Valentines mani? I think it’s super cute and I got a lot of compliments on it! Will you be trying to recreate this one, or will you be doing something else? I’d love to see what you all come up with! Let me know your thoughts and show me your manis in the comments.

Enchanted November & December Gradient

Hey everybody! I’ve done another gradient with the last two Enchanted Polishes I got, November 2014 and December 2014. I think pretty much everyone was happy with these two polishes. All the Enchanted monthlies this past year were mysteries so I was always a little worried if I’d want to hold on to them, but both of these were gorgeous. For this mani I did one coat of December and then sponged on both polishes together. It took about 3 layers of sponging to get the opacity I wanted.

IMG_1437a IMG_1442a

IMG_1433a IMG_1418a

I think I have an obsession with gradient manis, maybe more than water marbling! What shades look best as a gradient to you? I’d love to see your gradient manis too!

Water Marbled Phone Case

I’ve got a special treat for you today! A while back I did a water marbles design on my phone case but I never posted anything outside of a picture on instagram. I decided it needed new colors and this would be the perfect chance to show you a decent picture of it and do a matching mani! I made polishes specifically for this project, with the exception of the black holo which is Power from my Legend of Zelda collection, though you might see a white holo at some point.

IMG_1391a IMG_1402a

And now here’s the phone case with matching nails! I did the same process as a normal water marbled mani but in a larger container. The holo effect didn’t show up too well on the case, probably since it’s flat, so I of course topped it with China Glaze Fairy Dust like I did last time.


What are your thoughts? Would you try something like this? It’s a bit of a pain, especially removing polish off a textured case, but it looks so good!

Review: Dragon Claw Polish Game of Chromes

Long time no see! Today I have a review of some new Dragon Claw Polish colors. This collection is called Game of Chromes and is based on Game of Thrones. I received 3 out of 8 of the polishes from this collection. Dragon Claw Polish is also using new bottles! For each polish I used two coats and a top coat. The photos on the left side are without flash and the right side is with.

press sample

Smell the Gold Roses is based on house Tyrell. It’s a sheer mint green with scattered gold micro glitter. The color shift on this polish is really cool. One more coat and it would be fully opaque, or if you just use one coat over a darker polish it would look amazing.

IMG_1482a IMG_1497a

Black Fury is based on house Baratheon. This one is a black polish loaded with gold shimmer. I love the metallic effect this polish has with all the gold shimmer, it’s almost not black anymore.

IMG_1511a IMG_1525a

Wolves of the North is based on house Stark. It’s a silver polish with scattered silver holo glitter. I wore this one all through my Christmas celebrations and it lasted pretty long for me. It’s super shiny in any type of lighting.

IMG_1460a IMG_1471a

All these colors are really pretty and were a little hard to photograph, so just imagine that they look even better in person! All the polishes that I’ve reviewed here are $7.95 and the thermals in the Game of Chromes collection are $8.95. You can get them all HERE when they become available.

Review: Anne Kathleen Giblet

Hey everybody! I’d like to wish all my fellow Americans a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. For now I have another great collection from Anne Kathleen. This one is called Giblet and is releasing on Black Friday. For each of these polishes I did only 1 coat and the came out very opaque! The top two photos for each are no top coat and no flash, then the bottom two have a top coat and flash.

Sana is a dark brown polish with a scattered holographic fine gold.

IMG_1165a IMG_1166a

IMG_1196a IMG_1208a

Oksana is a medium brown polish with a scattered holographic fine gold.

IMG_1122a IMG_1127a

IMG_1152a IMG_1157a

Lauda is a medium tan-gold shimmery polish with a scattered holographic fine gold.

IMG_1213a IMG_1219a

IMG_1252a IMG_1258a

Thana is a glitter topper chock-full of extremely fine gold holographic pigments that mimic glitter.

IMG_1265a IMG_1272a

IMG_1305a IMG_1313a

Bonus! I used Marbles For Polish Power with Anne Kathleen Thana brushed on for a rough gradient.

IMG_1113a IMG_1100a

Again, I am very impressed with these polishes from Anne Kathleen. I absolutely love Thana, it’s so sparkly in certain lighting. Browns aren’t everybody’s color for polish, but these are very lovely choices for nail art or to wear on their own. The only thing about this collection was that the polishes were a little thicker than they usually are from this brand, but they are completely workable and go on smoothly.

You can get these polishes and more at and look out for her sale that runs from Black Friday, Nov 28-Cyber Monday, Dec 1st. Sale is for 25% off all orders and code to use is: TURKEYTURKEY, plus new polishes coming out Dec. 1st as well!