Color Challenge #6 – Turquoise and Black

We’re coming up to the end of my color challenge posts now. The 6th combo is turquoise and black which I was pretty excited about. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for these colors.


I tried a new to me technique, water spotting. I started with a base of Zoya Talia. I then started the same process you would when water marbling. I dropped some Zoya Willa over the water, but instead of adding other colors or making a pattern in the polish, I used a spritz bottle filled with alcohol and sprayed the polish. The alcohol causes the polish to separate and you can dip your fingers in just like water marbling.

IMG_3329a IMG_3306a

I’m not sure if my water conditions weren’t right, but most of my nails got more of a smokey effect. It still looks cool, but I was going more for of a veiny look to represent actual turquoise. The closest I got was on my pinkie and ring finger on my right hand, which were the first nails I did.


I’m definitely going to try this method again at some point. Have you tried water spotting before or do you have a turquoise and black mani to share? Feel free to post your color combo manis in the comments on my facebook posts that link to each color challenge blog post.

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Color Challenge #5 – White and Copper

I’m getting close to the end of my color challenge. It’s been super fun coming up with these great color combos and what kind of nail art to do with them. This time around I did a white and copper mani with Zoya Purity and Autumn.


I started with one coat of Purity and then water marbled Purity and Autumn. I haven’t done a water marble in a while and I think this was pretty successful for how long it’s been and how rushed I was at the time. This one came out pretty consistent because of the way I made the pattern in the water. I also used a peel off base coat around my fingers instead of vaseline and tape like I normally do. It really helped with clean up so I think I’ll do that from now on.

IMG_3274a IMG_3278a

I think next time I do another water marble I’ll experiment with different patterns to see what I can get. I do like this color combination but I’m not sure if it’s really me because I’m always a little iffy about white nails on myself. Next up will be turquoise and black which I’m pretty excited about. Let me see all your color combo manis in the comments of my facebook posts!

Sweet Tooth Water Marble

Hey everybody! I totally meant to have this blog post up on Monday, but it’s here for you now! Believe it or not, I haven’t done a full rainbow water marble until now. Of course I had to use my new Sweet Tooth collection for this instead of searching for other colors that went together. These are all neon holos, which sadly don’t show as much sparkle in these pictures as I would have liked. I did a coat of a white creme that I made underneath to make sure the colors would pop.

 IMG_2115a IMG_2111a

I had to include my right hand too because the color really popped and it looked more uniform.

 IMG_2127a IMG_2119a

I did have a little trouble with this marble but that was because I wasn’t using filtered water like normal and I was at the bottom of all the polishes so they got a little thick. Overall they came out really well and I only had to re-do a couple nails. I think I will have to experiment with more full rainbows soon. I’ll break out some Zoya cremes and see what I can do. Do you guys like doing water marbles? What’s your best?

Neon Marble

Hey everybody! I have a quick post for you today. I did a marble a while back that I never got the chance to share. I bought the China Glaze Spin Me Round water marbling kit they put out which came with Snow, Turned Up Turquoise, Celtic Sun, and I’m With The Lifeguard. I replaced Celtic Sun with Frostbite because I liked the look of the blue/teal/green combo. The kit also comes with a little cup and a stick to swirl the polish. I painted on snow as a base then I tried using the cup and sick it came with; but what having issues so I switched over to my usual supplies, a plastic party cup and toothpicks. I realized later that it wasn’t the little cup that was the issue, but it was the polishes. The colors it came with (besides Snow) dry matte and it just didn’t work as well as glossy cremes do in a water marble. I had to re-do a couple nails, but I did get a decent result in the end.


Holo Marble

I figured I was long overdue for a water marble. I’ve been so busy with my family and my polish brand that I haven’t been doing nail art as much. I figured I could use some of my own polish for nail art, that way I could test out how it works for marbling and show it off! I started with a base of Zoya Purity and Raven for the accent. The marble is Marbles For Polish Hydro, Psylocke, Lightning, and Jubilee. I feel like I should have done another nail black underneath because the contrast is a little too much. I like how the colors came out both ways though. The holo is much stronger over black, but in regular lighting it was a little easier to see what the colors were over the white.

IMG_7827a IMG_7832a

Princess Marble

Tinsley was one of my first Zoya polishes. I absolutely love it! I got Faye next and just recently I received Daul as winnings from a reddit contest. They go together so perfectly. They all have a gold shimmer and they could make the perfect ombre mani. This post wasn’t originally going to be a water marble. I tried doing a gradient with the three, but I was only getting the gold shimmer on my nail and the rest of the polish stayed on the sponge! So I went right to a marble after that, I haven’t done one in a while! This would have been perfect for Valentines day. It’s honestly a little girly for me, but that gold is just so pretty! Oh and I miss that length. I need to grow back my nails fast!

IMG_6633a IMG_6640a

Transparent Marble

I wanted to do a water marble since I hadn’t in a while. while at work I told my husband to pick some colors for me, or let my son pick before bed. I came home to an interesting group of colors that my son picked out. The colors are Jindie Nails’ Polo and Blue Ivy, Sinful Colors Envy, China Glaze’s White on White and Reggae to Riches. On some nails Polo came out transparent since I decided not to use a color underneath. After the first couple nails came out differently I started to control how much of the polish I was putting in the water so some would be transparent and some would be opaque.

IMG_5497a IMG_5495a

Wedding Nails

Last month our friends Sara and Droo got married. I was a bridesmaid, my husband was a groomsman, and our kids were the ring bearer and flower girl. The bridesmaid dresses were marine blue and our shoes were silver. I wanted to do nails to match, but I didn’t want to go too crazy. I did marbled accents again, in the wedding colors of course, but this time used my matte top coat so my nails weren’t too shiny. I used China Glaze’s First Mate, Zoya’s Trixie and Neve, and Fresh Paint’s matte top coat. I really love how this came out, and I’m starting to love the marbled accents more and more. There is some chipping and wear on the tips because I didn’t get to take a photo before we left for the weekend.

IMG_5364 IMG_5371