Color Challenge #3 – Mint Blue and Light Pink

I’m back with my third color challenge post! This one called for using mint blue and light pink together. I searched my Zoya shelves and found the closest I had to these colors, Lillian and Cassi. I think I should have tried for a pink from another brand because Cassi ended up looking more peachy over the blue.


I wanted to try my hand again at a candy floss mani and thought these soft colors would be great. I started with two coats of Lillian then dropped some of Cassi into the back of a swatch nail wheel to let it get a little goopy. When Cassi was a bit dry I used a toothpick to lay strings of the polish over my nail. I think besides Cassi being a bit too peachy, it may not have been the best finish for this method, a regular creme may have been best.

IMG_2638a IMG_2639a

Despite some not so great choices, I do kind of like this mani and I got some compliments on it. I may try this method again with different colors, possibly a more shimmery base with a creme on top.


Have you ever tried this method? I’d love to see your candy floss and color challenge manis in the comments of my facebook post. And don’t forget (or for those of you who haven’t seen) that I’m releasing my essentials polishes along with a few others today! Check out my Etsy shop for the new polishes and more.