Camo Nails & Super Mega Holiday Giveaway (50+ prizes)

I’m going to make you read through my post before you get to the giveaway link! Or you can just scroll down, but that’s not very nice.

Normally my husband tells me I should stop buying nail polish; but when we at Walmart picking up some last minute things we needed for our friends’ wedding he saw the big display of Sinful Colors. He must have seen the colors Envy, Beau Khaki, and Nirvana right next to each other because he instantly picked them up and told me I should do camo nails. Any time he wants to feed my addiction is alright with me. So I started with a base of Beau Khaki and then painted on splotches of the other two. I was looking up camo patterns and realized I needed another very dark brown or black. The best thing I had for this was Zoya’s Claudine, so I used that for the little straight splotches on top. I wanted to do the matte top coat for this one, but I’ve been using it so much lately that I decided I’ll just do it the next time I do camo nails. And hey, this look would be great if you’re out turkey hunting!



So now for this huge giveaway! A couple lovely ladies from Happy in Holos and Aly’s Dream Polish have put together an amazing grouping of three different rafflecopters with prizes equal to over $1200! Included in the prizes are four out of my seven first creations. Click the image below to get to the post on Happy in Holos.

Legend of Zelda

Today was really exciting for me. The new Legend of Zelda game came out for the 3DS and there was a new special edition 3DS XL that came out. I’m not even going to play the game and I already have a 3DS, but my husband really wanted them. I’ve been telling him over and over he can’t get it because we don’t have the money, but I reserved the bundle on Monday while he was at school. I’m usually awful at keeping surprises from him, but when he found the DS today (in the dishwasher) he was so excited. In honor of LoZ I did green and gold nails with a triforce accent. I used Sinful Colors Envy and Zoya Kerry. Sorry for the quick badly done photo!


Wear It Wednesday

As some of you may have seen on my facebook page (please give it a like!), I won a naming contest recently. Daphine Polish was holding a contest to name one of the polishes in the new 2013 holiday collection. The polish was a dark lavender holo so I tried to think of a name that was both related to the color purple and the holidays. Thus the name Bahplumbug was born! My name won, which felt so amazing for me because I don’t win contests often and this one was more than just a raffle. Joanne, the owner of Daphine Polish, sent a great little package of Bahplumbug and some other little treats for my nails and my stomach!


Bahplumbug is a lovely color to wear on it’s own, I’m so glad I got it! In a darker room or in the shade it looks like a shimmery purple, and in direct sunlight it has a more subtle rainbow holo than some other polishes, so it’s not overwhelming of the base color. The photos on the left side are in the shade and the ones on the right were taken with the flash on. In direct sunlight you will get an effect similar to the photos with the flash. This is two coats of Bahplumbug with a topcoat. The polish goes on smooth and lasts for a few days with no chipping and minimal wear. I would definitely recommend buying from Daphine Polish.

IMG_5528a IMG_5521a

IMG_5505a IMG_5514a

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Wedding Nails

Last month our friends Sara and Droo got married. I was a bridesmaid, my husband was a groomsman, and our kids were the ring bearer and flower girl. The bridesmaid dresses were marine blue and our shoes were silver. I wanted to do nails to match, but I didn’t want to go too crazy. I did marbled accents again, in the wedding colors of course, but this time used my matte top coat so my nails weren’t too shiny. I used China Glaze’s First Mate, Zoya’s Trixie and Neve, and Fresh Paint’s matte top coat. I really love how this came out, and I’m starting to love the marbled accents more and more. There is some chipping and wear on the tips because I didn’t get to take a photo before we left for the weekend.

IMG_5364 IMG_5371

Pokeball Nails

As some of you may know, the new Pokemon games came out last month. My husband and I each got one and I wanted to celebrate with something Pokemon on my nails. I’m not sure if my hand is steady enough to actually do any of the monsters on my nails, so pokeballs were the next choice. For this look I used China Glaze’s White on White and Zoya’s Andi, Storm, and Claudine. My right hand is a little sloppy and my middle nail broke, but what can you do?

IMG_4986 IMG_4994